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scan the QR C▓ode to follow us on WechatStudy: Pupils do too much h▓omeworkStudy: Pupils do too much homeworkStudy: Pupils do to▓o much homework01-19-2018 08:58 BJT

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Chinese children spend too much time st▓udying and not enough on activities that develop their social skills, which could affect ▓their ability to forge personal and

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professional relationships as adults, research shows.A study by the Ch▓ina National Children's Center found that while 48 pe▓rcent of youngsters attend cram ses

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sions after school, more than half say they rarely have ti▓me to play with friends.The Blue Book of Chil▓dren: The Annual Report on Children's Participation 2017, w

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hich was released on Thursday, also found almost a third of primary school children spend more than two hours on homework on school days▓, twice the maximum time r

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ecommended for that age group by the Ministry of Education.The findings are based on a yearlong study ▓beginning in September 2016 of 8,847 children in fifth g▓

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rade and above. Respondents were spread across urban and rural areas in seven cities, including Beijing, Harbin and Guiyang.The center said the large number of hours spent studying has made child▓ren's participation in extracurricular activities "inadequate", with 68 percent having ne▓ver participated in activities unrelat

tudy. More than 14 percent reported they've never even talked with their next▓-door neighbors.Study also dominates parent-child interactions. More than 90 percent of re▓spondents said their conversations with parents focus on school performance, whereas one-third rep▓orted their parents never talk about their job and more tha▓n 25 percent never talk about how to mana▓ge money, it said.Rana Flowers, China's representative to UNICEF, stressed the importance of children's participation in aspects other than just school, which help cultivate children's skills such as teamwork, communication and analyzing and solving probl

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hildren do not suddenly become respons▓ible, participating adults at the age of

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1," she said. "Without these, the children of today will not succeed in the

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tomorrow."Other ▓statistics also shed light on the a▓cademic pressure of Chine

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